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Luxury Vacations in Paradise is just what you want when you’re in search of an ideal vacation experience. We know just how much thought you’ve put into your vacation, and want you to have the best experience possible. We can easily help you arrange anything from a getaway on an exotic beach to a seeing Europe’s finest cities to taking a ski adventure.

Many of our customers have had the chance to take the vacation of their dreams through our company and have come back well-satisfied. Here are just a few of the very good things customers have had to say about using us:

“Booking travel is something that now a days a lot of people think they can do themselves since there are numerous travel websites that claim to offer the best prices and services . I was one of the people that jumped on the bandwagon of DIY travel booking…until recently when I used the membership I purchased at Vip Travel. Now,  you may think ” you get what you pay for ” , but in this case the service was so beyond stellar that I don’t think I could ever book travel another way.  Thank you for the amazing work and for going above and beyond to ensure my family will have a smooth trip!”

-Peter & Jessica Coleman

“I had a time share that I purchased in the late 70’s that I haven’t used in years and was sick of paying the maintenance fees for. Luxury Vacations In Paradise were able to get me out of my timeshare with no hassle.

-Gus & Rebecca Greyman

“My wife and I wanted to book a Viking River cruise for this coming February and we were quoted $3150 per person. After signing up with Luxury Vacations In Paradise, we got the price down to $1990 per person! Incredible price, can’t wait to go on our next vacation.”

-Kyle & Jennifer Priest

“My wife and I are retired, and we’re looking to travel the world. We can now afford to do our dream vacation plans. Thank you Luxury Vacations In Paradise! Italy here we come!”

-William & Suzanne Bigos

“We were skeptical at first, but once we planned our first vacation through Luxury Vacations we saved around $2000 above retail! We are definitely happy to a be part of the Luxury Vacations In Paradise team.”

-Dean & Rena Huff

“Being an avid traveler and having a huge family makes it hard to find decent places that can hold my entire family comfortably. Now that I have the Luxury Vacations In Paradise on my side, I can rent an entire house for the price of a hotel. Best purchase I’ve made in my life!”

-Seth Freeman

There are several reasons Luxury Vacations in Paradise should be arranging your dream vacation. One of the biggest advantages is the large variety of exciting vacation options that we offer for our customers.

If you’re ready to get started booking your next vacation, why not choose us? Give us a call at 954-531-1459 or email us at with your questions.

Luxury Vacations In Paradise

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Deerfield Beach, FL, 33442

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